The Online Sewing Academy - Enrolment 2021

Enrolment for my Online Academy is Open for the Autumn intake and this time round I am mixing it up a bit with three module including bag making, sewing room essentials, and dressmaking there will be something for everyone, and I can't wait to get started!

But, you may be thinking…

“There is no way I am good enough”

“The thought of using my sewing machine with others terrifies me”

“I haven't mastered enough skills and knowledge yet”

“My sewing machine is to old or to basic it won't be able to sew how I need it too”

“I can't read a sewing pattern”

"I take to long"

The Online sewing academy provides all you need to learn at a pace that suits you, in the comfort of your own home

Accessing your abilities and skills to match to your learning style - through Video, Live workshops, PDF and all on replay to refer back to whenever you may need too.

The Academy runs over 14 weeks and provides a variety of support and learning tasks to take you from strength to strength.

We focus on key areas repeating these in all of our projects to really embed and help you remember what you are learning.

Sewing with a community of likeminded people all on the same journey, inspiring and encouraging one another in an online community space, where you are free to share and ask questions whenever you need too.

The Academy provides a gentle introduction to sewing with set projects taught step by step with lots of patience, encouragement and FUN!

                                Interested to find out what we will be sewing on this enrolement?

What's included?

The Academy is a 14 week online learning experience to guide and support you through every step you need to sew and complete 4 amazing projects taught over 3 modules.

This is not a cookie-cutter course like many available online, each module of the course will be adapted to YOU to ensure you get the opportunity to learn at your own pace and in a style that suits you.

So let's take a look…

~ Personal access to me and the sewing community throughout the 14 weeks and after

~ Video recordings and PDF patterns to refer back to, keep and learn in your own time

~ 10 Live Sewing sessions with Lucy in small groups for face to face online learning 

   (via Zoom-PS: zoom is as easy as clicking a link! )

~ Repetitive learning to ensure you have the opportunity to fully master the skills taught

~ Extra work from home projects to engage and inspire you, and embed these skills even more


You will finish the course with a toolbox of skills and knowledge to use in your future sewing projects and a whole host of new confidence to inspire and motivate you.

Teaching that's informative, fun, and encouraging.



Pre Course - We will access your skills and abilities before we begin and extra support will be available if needed,

   I'm a beginner! 🙋‍♀️ No worries we have it covered  

I'm In!!

Module 1

- We start our sewing journey with a personal favorite... Bag making. Using a pattern from Noodlehead pattern's we will work through step by step together to sew a beautiful back pack! 

Yep you herd that right a gorgeous Back pack...eek 

All your required fabrics, hardware and pattern will be supplied as part of the course

This project will have the longest sew time to allow pleanty of time to sew and make this fabulous project, practicing as we go skills we will learn and use; Adding zips, pockets, handles, straps and working canvas fabrics This Module will include Live sewing sessions for each step of the bag making and additional rest weeks to either catch up or rest and admire your progress.

All Live sewing sessions are recorded to allow you to rewatch or catch up where needed.

Module 2

Over this module we will be working on 2 separate projects, focusing on keep your sewing space tidy and organised. 

~We be making an updated and revised Lucy's sewing roll This project is the perfect sewing essential to keep all your small eqiuiptment safe and close to hand.

~Secondly we will be sewing the fabulous Thread catcher, perfect to keep next to you as you sew to store pins and snippers and a little fabric bin to catch your offcuts and threads

The two projects will be taught via Live sewing sessions

All your fabrics and PDF instructions will be included in the course

Module 3

For our final module we will touch on the world of dressmaking learning to sew the fabulous Tilly and the Button New Billie dress/sweatshirt pattern this pattern is great for beginners 

This sewing project will have us learning to use a Jersey fabric, cuffing, measuring and cutting and using a commercial pattern.

This module will include your pattern, it will not include your fabric allowing you to shop for your own personal preferance.

I will have someshop  recommendations and discount codes avilable to assist you :)


Bonus sewing package 👇👇

A beautiful box of fabrics, thread, sewing haberdashery, needles, scissors, pins, ALL….the goodies you will need to make each project in the 2021 Academy plus more.

worth £85!!

so no need to spend any extra ££, no need to spend hours searching online and wonder what you might need to get to sew with us in the Academy let me treat you 😘          

(Please note this will not include the fabric required for the BIllie Dress patern)                               

I'm In!!

Secure your place today with a £50 deposit. and choose to pay in Full  or over 4 monthly payments

Hello, I'm Lucy…hopefully you have already seen this face somewhere on social media or in a previous workshop by now.

So why Sew with me??

Sewing is my passion and even more than that sharing this passion fills me with delight!

I have been teaching sewing for the last 5 years and this being the third year of the Online Sewing Academy which has evolved and adapted each time to meet the needs of my sewing community.

I started sewing as an escape when I was going through a tough time in my life and found it the greatest form of encouragement, relaxation and a way to meet other's, mainly online… and now something which I have grown into an online community of sewer's that I am very proud of.


Lucy's Sew Studio

I'm ready to sew!!