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Download your Pattern Card

I have found through my own sewing that it comes in handy to keep notes when sewing, I found that if I keep a book or scribbled on the patterns them selves it just wasn't clear or organised, so I designed a pattern card to keep with each of my pattern's... reminding me what changes I may had made, fabrics I may had used and any notes that might be useful to remember!

Here you can download and print your copy of my Pattern cards to use with all of your projects hopefully helping to keep you orgnised too.


Get your Mini Tutorial

A great afternoon creative project

Sometimes all we need is a creative outlet to focus on, or if like me when I need a project to hide away from everyday routine and enjoy.

My coaster tutorial is a FREE mini tutorial that will do just that and when your done, you can even make a cuppa and use your new make! win win 

Find inspiration in "The social sewing community"

Join the Social sewing Community on facebook for Sewing ideas, motivation and support... If you are looking for ideas of where to start, help with patterns, fabrics and more then this supportive, friendly community is the place to start.